Courses, Lectures and Writings of Thomas Patrick Burke

Public Lectures

Coercive and Peaceful Discrimination, December 1, 2010
Is “Social Justice” Just?, September 9, 2008

Course Lectures

Freedom and Society: Classical Liberalism in the Twentieth Century

Course, Spring 2007

Lecture 1. Liberalism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Lecture 2. Freedom in the Market: Ludwig von Mises (1881 – 1973)
Lecture 3. The Implications of Ignorance for Freedom and Justice: Friedrich von Hayek (1899 – 1992)
Lecture 4. The Achievements of Milton Friedman (1912 – 2006)
Lecture 5. he Minimal State:  Robert Nozick (1938 – 2002)
Lecture 6. Libertarianism: Murray Rothbard (1926 – 1995)
Lecture 7. The Theory of Public Choice: James Buchanan

Freedom and Tradition: An Introduction to Classical Liberalism and Conservatism

Course, Fall 2006

Lecture 1: The Idea of a Free Society
Lecture 2: Freedom of Religion: John Locke (1632 – 1704)
Lecture 3: The Free Market: Adam Smith (1723 – 1790)
Lecture 4: Freedom of Speech: John Stuart Mill (1806 – 1873)
Lecture 5: The Wisdom of Experience: Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797) 

A Note on Terminology: “Classical Liberalism” and “Liberalism”


The Just War


The Christian Response to Islam
Why Richard Dawkins Should Read Plato
Proving Darwin

Wynnewood Notes

School Choice
Why Do We Have a Constitution?
Coercive and Peaceful Discrimination
Mr. Obama’s Nobel Prize
The Conflict Between Ornidary Justice and “Social Justice”
Right and Wrong in Islam
The Concept of Citizenship
Immigration and the Fall of Rome
Georgia, South Ossetia and Russia
Two Sexes