Reforming America’s Health Care System

Most Americans agree that our current health care system needs reform. Arguably, it is the most important part of our economy because it directly touches everyone. But opinions are strongly divided. Some believe we should follow Canada and Europe in socializing health care further, to make sure everyone has at least some coverage. Others feel that the best course is to increase the role of competition and the market, to improve freedom of choice and the quality of care.  Robert Moffit, one of the nation’s top health policy analysts, provides insights into this important subject.

Putting Patients First Excerpt

54 percent of Americans say they want ‘fundamental “changes.
The New York Times/ CBS Poll, March 1, 2007

7 in 10 say the system is in a “state of crisis.”
Gallup News Service, November 2006

43 percent of Americans said that the health care system requires major changes, and another 17 percent say it needs a major overhaul.
Wirthlin Quorum Survey, April 1998

56 percent said the health care system needed a complete overhaul, and another 29 percent said it needed major changes to work better.
RWJ-Harvard School of Public Health Survey, March 1993…

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