The "Credit Crunch"
A Seminar with William Dunkelberg
March 12, 2008

Many people are concerned about the current state of our nation's credit markets. There are many different opinions and there is a lot of confusion abroad. In this one-session seminar, nationally prominent economist Professor Bill Dunkelberg, known for the clarity of his explanations, will explain the main factors at work in the current situation.

"The Federal Reserve alerted us to a problem in credit markets in August, 2007.  In September, they surprised markets with a 50 basis point cut in the Federal Funds rate and lamented that credit markets were "frozen", 'malfunctioning", "unstable".  Following this was a sequence of cuts and warnings about recession risk and an economic slowdown.  What was the source of the alleged credit market failure?  Did housing cause all of this?  Is this just a Wall Street problem (for a dozen large financial institutions) or is it happening on Main Street?  Who cares if the Bank of America doesn't trust Citicorp and won't lend to them?  Can the Fed's policies fix this (the cure for the ills of easy money is more easy money?)?  Can these Wall Street problems bring down the whole economy?  Can we talk ourselves into recession?  These and other questions will be addressed using a heavy dose of facts to deal with fictions."

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