An Update on the Economy
A Seminar with William Dunkelberg

Professor of Economics at Temple University, Formerly Dean of the Fox School of Business
November 10, 2009

The U.S. economy officially "peaked" in December of 2007.  18 months later, the economy was still shrinking.  Although it appears that the bottom was reached mid-summer and third quarter growth will be positive, the recession was the worst since the Depression and the road to recovery is strewn with weak banks, crippled government mortgage financial institutions, a boat load of "money" floating around the system, misguided government programs and a consumer trying to regain financial stability.  Profits tanked along with the stock market which has now started to anticipate a recovery, but how strong and how long?  The largest government deficit in history ($1.6 trillion this year alone) will pose a major drag on interest rates and capital availability.  Will the economy muddle through or will the economy spring back?  We'll try to sort it out.

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