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We offer courses to the general public in a variety of fields. The purpose of these is to disseminate a deeper understanding of traditional American and Western ideals and values.

Current Course:

Society and God: An inquiry into the foundations of the human world
A Lecture Series with Prof. Thomas Patrick Burke, 2013


Lecture 1: Intdoduction: Purposes and Teleology
Lecture 2: The Question of God


From now on we will be issuing Certificates in connection with our courses.  They are of two kinds:

A Certificate of Participation will be issued to everyone who has registered for the course and been present for every session. 

A Certificate of Completion will be issued to everyone who has registered for the course, been present for every session, and has in addition published a piece of writing related to the material of the course.

In regard to past courses, those who can show that they have fulfilled these conditions will likewise be eligible for the relevant Certificates.

Certificates will be issued only for courses, not for seminars or public lectures.

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